Who Owns Vegas


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Who Owns Vegas
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First published: October 2005

Oaktree Capital Managment, LLC

Private | oaktreecapital.com

A Los Angeles-based private investment firm that oversees $31 bilion. In 2006, Oaktree bought 42% (33% initially rising to 42% later) of Cannery Capital Resorts which owned the Cannery (2003, 200 rooms). Cannery was sold in 2007 to Crown LTD for $1.75 billion.

Olympia Gaming

Private | olympiagamingllc.com Subsidiary of Olympia Group. Will manage the Southern-Highlands Resort. Formed in 2005.

Olympia Group, LLC

Hotels: 1; Rooms: 1,400

Private | olympiagamingllc.com

Building the Southern-Highlands Casino Resort (1,400 rooms in phase 1, 2009) on the southern edge of Las Vegas. The resort will be in Henderson, near M Resort from Marnell Corrao. Garry Goett is founder, President and CEO of the Olympia Group, which owns Olympia Land Corporation and Olympia Gaming. Works with Larry Woolf of Navegante Group. Woolf and Goett opened the successful Casino Fandango in Carson City in 2003.

Olympia Hotels in Las Vegas
Southern Highlands 2009 1,400
Total 1,400

Olympia Land Corporation

Subsidiary of Olympia Group. Owns the land of the Southern-Highlands Resort.

Onex Corp.


Majority owner of Tropicana Las Vegas Inc., owner (since July 2009) of Tropicana (1957, 1,876 rooms). A private equity firm based in Toronto, Canada. The hotel is owned by Onex Partners III, a large-cap private equity fund.

OpBiz, LLC.

Hotels: 1; Rooms: 2,567

A joint partnership of Planet Hollywood International, Inc. (42.5%), Bay Harbour Management, LLC (42.5%) and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (15%).


Together, these three companies bought the former Aladdin (opened in 2000, 2,567 rooms) hotel in 2003. (The former owner and builder, Aladdin Gaming, declared bankruptcy.) The hotel was rebranded as Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino and opened in 2007. CEO Robert Earl controls Planet Hollywood, which he founded in 1991.

On the property are:

  • Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate (1,228 rooms, 2008), a timeshare property owned by Westgate Resorts, Ltd.
  • Miracle Mile, a shopping center (previously called Desert Passage) owned by Boulevard Invest, LLC.

OpBiz Hotels in Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood Resort 2000
rebranded 2007
Total 2,567

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