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Navegante Group, Inc.

Private | Larry Woolf |

Founded in 1995 by former MGM Chairman and CEO, Larry J. Woolf. Operates the casino of the Sahara for SBE Entertainment and four downtown hotels (Plaza, Las Vegas Club, Western, Goldspike) for Tamares. Working with Garry Goett of Olympia Group on the Southern-Highlands Resort (1,400, 2009). Woolf and Goett opened the successful Casino Fandango in Carson City in 2003.

NevStar Gaming Entertainment Corp

Does not own any hotels in Las Vegas. During the 1990s, the company operated the Mesquite Star casino in nearby Mesquite. Announced but did not build a $140m hotel-casino in North Las Vegas, and, through IGE, made an unsuccessful bid for Riviera Holdings, owners of the Riviera hotel.

Michael Signorelli is/was a principal.

Nigro Development

Hotels: 1; Rooms: 600

Private | CEO: Todd Nigro |

Partner in Russell Boulder LLC which owns Siena Suites (600, 2005). Nigro Development was started by Edward Nigro and is owned by his sons, Todd and Michael Nigro. May also own Hampton Inn Henderson-Saint Rose (139, 2006).

NTH Advisory Group, LLC

Led by Richard Bosworth

In January 2007, agreed to buy Hooters Casino and Hotel (696 rooms) from 155 East Tropicana, LLC, through affiliate Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier, LLC. The price was about $235 million, including $95 million in cash, $130 million in debt, and other accrued royalties and liabilities.

NTH is a Santa Monica, California-based developer which helped turn the old San Remo hotel into Hooters. NTH was formed in March 2005 to "support and advise developers of casinos and hotels with site selection, construction programming, investment banking, and operational analysis." NTH is led by Richard Bosworth, its Principal and President. NTH's strategic partner Silverleaf Real Estate Development and Investments may also be involved.

Hooters Casino Hotel originally opened in 1974 as a 322-room Howard Johnson Motel. New names followed: 20th Century, Treasury, Pacifica, and San Remo (1989-2007). The hotel was rebranded as Hooter's in 2006 by 155 East Tropicana, LLC, a private group including the founders of Hooters of America, Inc., two local Hooters franchisees, and the Japanese father and son owners of the hotel (previously known as the San Remo).

NTH Hotels in Las Vegas
Hooters Casino Hotel Las Vegas 2006 696
Total 696

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