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Las Vegas hotels, organized by hotel.

Who Owns Vegas: The corporations that own the Las Vegas hotels.

A Photo Tour of Las Vegas

Similar ownership lists from Casenet, Megan Edwards, and WNBC.

Similar ownership lists, but sorted by hotel, from Photo Tour Books, Nick Christenson's Casino Death Watch, Las Vegas Mikey, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Wikipedia.

Book hotels at

Lists of casinos from Las Vegas Review-Journal, Silver State Treasures, and Wikipedia.

A list of hotels by room count from Casenet and Vegas Today and Tomorrow.

For more details on the hotels, try Cheapo Vegas,, Las Vegas Review-Journal,, Vegas4Visitors.

Here's a terrific page showing the Las Vegas skyscrapers.

Nick Christenson keeps us informed of the casinos that are close to being demolished at the Casino Death Watch.

The history of each hotel on the Las Vegas Strip from Deanna DeMatteo and WRAL.

The history of corporate Las Vegas from PBS.

A list of the largest taxpayers in Las Vegas.

Great lists of Las Vegas buildings by Emporis and

See the hotels being built at Vegas4Visitors and Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mark Adams shows us the Las Vegas of Today and Tomorrow, including a good links page.

Gaming news from Topix.

Nevada Film Office

Trade Shows in Las Vegas, International Special Event Society, Las Vegas.

Entertainment news: Las Vegas Shows, Robin Leach's Luxe Life: Vegas.

Blogs: Vegas Links by Joey, Las Vegas Vegas.

UNLV provides each casino's date of opening and remodels, plus costs, ownership, architect, designer and contractor info listed by date and by casino.

Current Las Vegas news from Casino City, Casino Death Watch, Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor, Las Vegas Business Press, LVCVB construction bulletin, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Skyscraper Forum, Vegas4Visitors (archives), Vegas Today And Tomorrow and World News.

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