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Who Owns Vegas
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First published: October 2005

155 East Tropicana, LLC.

2/11/10: May be for sale.

11/15/09: Defaults and may declare bankruptcy.

??Once owned (2005-2008) Hooters Casino and Hotel (696 rooms). Sold in 2008 to Hedwigs for about $225 million??

The company was formed as a private group to buy and operate Hooters Casino Hotel (696 rooms, 2006), which is situated at 155 East Tropicana Avenue. The private group consisted of Florida Hooters, LLC and EW Common, LLC. Florida Hooters includes the founders of Hooters of America, Inc. plus two local Hooters franchisees. EW Commons, LLC includes the owners of the previous incarnation of this hotel, the San Remo — father-and-son Sukeaki and Toyoruko Izumi from Japan, who previously operated as S.I. Enterprises, LLC.

Hooters Casino Hotel originally opened in 1974 as a 322-room Howard Johnson Motel. New names followed: 20th Century, Treasury, Pacifica, and San Remo (1989-2007).


A company formed by Robert F.X. Sillerman and Simon Fuller to privatize CKX.


See Three Sixty Five.

3700 Associates, LLC.

Led by (Ian) Bruce Eichner and Steven Munchin.


Started building The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino / Grand Hyatt Las Vegas (2,998 rooms — 1,000 hotel rooms plus 1,700 condo-hotel residences, intended to open 2008). The project started in April 2004 but ran into financial trouble in January 2008. 3700 Associates contributed the 8.5-acre site, purchased for $90 million in 2004, and received $50 million from Grand Hyatt Corp. Foreclosure struck and Deutsche Bank AG become the owner in 2009. Two years late and $2 billion over budget, the hotel may open in December 2010 as Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

3700 Associates (or partner Ian Bruce Eichner) owns 5% of Riviera Holdings Corp. In November 2006, Eichner and the D.E. Shaw Group made a $262 million takeover offer for Riviera Holdings Corp.

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